Great New Mexican Publishers

Granted most of my favorite publishers are foreign (Penguin, Harper Collins, McSweeny’s, etc.) but over the last few years I’ve come across two amazing (mexican) Publishing Houses, Almadía and Sexto Piso.

Almadía was founded five years ago in Oaxaca and has the philosophy of creating beautiful books at affordable prices. And let me assure you that they are indeed beautiful, the thoughtful editorial design and particularly the dust-jacket and cover art is amazing.

Almadía prides itself on re-publishing valuable books, translating voices from other cultures and betting on new authors. I find myself collecting these books like a madman, and considering the great literature they publish, you’ll most definitely get your money’s worth. Incidentally, if you enjoy reading Saramago, you have got to check out Gonçalo M. Tavares, who’s books have been translated from the portuguese by Alamdía.

In 2002 Sexto Piso was born, and along came amazing books from all over the world that were translated for the very first time into spanish. Joe Brainard’s “I Remember” and Etgar Keret’s “Missing Kissinger” are just a few examples of TRULY GREAT contemporary literature that is available for the very first time to the spanish public.

That’s what I love about these publishers, they only publish what the believe are good books, not necessarily the best selling books (sigh…) but the “different” books, the one’s you read and get stuck in your head for years, the books that make you think, the books you will want to read over and over again, the books that talk about the human condition, that let you have a glimpse of other cultures, the books that matter.


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