Oh Book Fairs, how I love you.

You, with your booksellers, book authors, book readings, book signings, book discounts, bookworms and you know, your books.

This past Sunday I decided to visit the Brooklyn Book Festival in… Brooklyn. It was raining, I got soaked, people kept hitting me with their umbrellas (I didn’t have one to hit them back) I missed meeting one of my favorite Graphic Novel authors by a couple of minutes, but I loved it. I truly fucking loved it.

The author I didn’t get to meet was Adrian Tomine. But hey, I still got a signed copy of his re-RE-released 32 Stories Collection of OPTIC NERVE comics. I won’t get into the whole “He doesn’t write comic comics, he writes about life and shit” so just check them out here. I saw a booth with his books, got the one I didn’t have and was told, “You just missed him! But he signed the copy you bought!” I thought, “Fuck!” And then I thought, “Nice! Signed copy baby!” And kept on walking from Publisher to Publisher.

I had one rule for the Book fair: Limit yourself to TWO purchases, no more you BOOK WHORE.

So I found this really cool, artsy, tiny book that unfolded into a sort of display of fantastically freaky creatures drawn by the artist. “How much?” I asked. “Six hundred dollars” The elderly woman replied, “You see, it’s one of a kind” I was a little shocked to say the least, “Fu-okay, thanks!” I really wish she had sold her artsy soul and mass-produced the shit out of that little book.

I ended up buying “Eeeee Eee Eeee”, a novel by Tao Lin. I must admit I totally judged the book by its cover, it seemed cool and as I’m reading it… maybe it’s trying a bit too hard to be cool, and I don’t know If I would recommend it… and the more I think about it I gotta say, every book by Melville House has disappointed me (granted I’ve only read a couple of books by them but still!) Damn their cool book designs!

Before I left the festival I sat in the rain, listened to Sarah Silverman read chapters from her book, laughed a lot, thought about buying her overpriced book, decided against it, stood up, noticed I had sit in a puddle of water and rode the subway home.


2 Responses

  1. BOOK WHORE! I’m glad you have limits now 🙂 I’m proud of you

    • I love it when my spanish speaking friends feel like they have to reply in english hehe.

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