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Oh Book Fairs, how I love you.
September 14, 2010

You, with your booksellers, book authors, book readings, book signings, book discounts, bookworms and you know, your books.

This past Sunday I decided to visit the Brooklyn Book Festival in… Brooklyn. It was raining, I got soaked, people kept hitting me with their umbrellas (I didn’t have one to hit them back) I missed meeting one of my favorite Graphic Novel authors by a couple of minutes, but I loved it. I truly fucking loved it.

The author I didn’t get to meet was Adrian Tomine. But hey, I still got a signed copy of his re-RE-released 32 Stories Collection of OPTIC NERVE comics. I won’t get into the whole “He doesn’t write comic comics, he writes about life and shit” so just check them out here. I saw a booth with his books, got the one I didn’t have and was told, “You just missed him! But he signed the copy you bought!” I thought, “Fuck!” And then I thought, “Nice! Signed copy baby!” And kept on walking from Publisher to Publisher.

I had one rule for the Book fair: Limit yourself to TWO purchases, no more you BOOK WHORE.

So I found this really cool, artsy, tiny book that unfolded into a sort of display of fantastically freaky creatures drawn by the artist. “How much?” I asked. “Six hundred dollars” The elderly woman replied, “You see, it’s one of a kind” I was a little shocked to say the least, “Fu-okay, thanks!” I really wish she had sold her artsy soul and mass-produced the shit out of that little book.

I ended up buying “Eeeee Eee Eeee”, a novel by Tao Lin. I must admit I totally judged the book by its cover, it seemed cool and as I’m reading it… maybe it’s trying a bit too hard to be cool, and I don’t know If I would recommend it… and the more I think about it I gotta say, every book by Melville House has disappointed me (granted I’ve only read a couple of books by them but still!) Damn their cool book designs!

Before I left the festival I sat in the rain, listened to Sarah Silverman read chapters from her book, laughed a lot, thought about buying her overpriced book, decided against it, stood up, noticed I had sit in a puddle of water and rode the subway home.


Hello Internet People!
February 12, 2010

I’m here to write about books and other AMAZING things… but mostly books. I’ll be doing this in english (I’m mexican) mainly because I need to practice my writing, I’m going to NY to study an incredible M.S. in Publishing and having a BOOK BLOG just feels right, RIGHT?

What I’ll be doing here is mostly book reviews, however I will be focusing on the actual book DESIGN rather than the content itself (that doesn’t mean I wont be writing about the latter of course)